A City Implements a New ATMS While Leveraging Initial Equipment Investment

Intelligent Transportation System Scenario and Challenges

A reseller of Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) was working with a large US City to modernize the City’s infrastructure.

The City was working towards implementing a complete Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) by installing a new ATMS application and Ethernet enabled devices such as Video Detection. The existing infrastructure was already in varying stages of upgrade, with some elements of an Advanced Traffic Management System but still with thousands of existing serial based traffic devices in the field such as variable message signs, signal controllers, roadside sensors, lane control signals, etc. In order to continue to use this existing equipment, the City needed to IP enable the serial devices. This way the Traffic Management Center (TMC) could efficiently monitor and address incident management, congestion management and public safety.

A Cost Effective Solution

By installing Perle IOLAN SDS1 units in the field the TMC can monitor both existing serial enabled devices and the newer Ethernet enabled devices such as Video Detection, over one Ethernet network.

The Benefits

Now the City is one step closer to optimal traffic management and a complete ITS. They have the advantage of real time data collection with the new ATMS application interfacing with the latest roadside technologies; yet have avoided costly replacement of existing serial devices thereby leveraging their initial investment.

Perle IOLAN Serial to Ethernet for Efficient ITS

The Perle IOLAN Device Servers are the best choice for serial to Ethernet connectivity applications. The flexibility and high performance IP technology make the IOLANs ideal for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications that require an efficient way of communicating with serial devices over a network with minimal latency. They exceed NTCIP requirements & the rugged casing is ideal for field installation. IOLANs are designed specifically to meet the rapid polling environments found in ITS. With its 87 MIP processor, IOLANs have the lowest latency of any serial to Ethernet conversion product on the market.


Other features include

  • High performance processors in the IOLAN STS8 (400 MIPS) and SDS1 T (87 MIPS)
  • Low packet latency of 2 ms through the unit
  • Perle IOLAN SDS1 T meets temperature range specifications of NEMA type 170 traffic controllers
  • Wide choice of RS232 interface models - DB9M, DB25M, DB25F and RJ45 to match existing serial communication equipment
  • Perle’s TruePort COM port redirector enables serial based applications to communicate directly over the Ethernet port
  • Serial packet data control - fine tune how serial data is most effectively forwarded across an Ethernet network

Serial to Ethernet Solutions

IOLAN Device Servers

Web or network enable existing equipment with RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial interfaces, quickly and easily. These Device Servers have the broadest set of standard and secure feature sets on the market at the most cost-effective price.


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